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Crispy And Creamy Avocado Fried In Coconut Oil, Complete With Their Heart Healthy Fatty Acids

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Kids love crunchy foods, regardless of whether it’s French Fries, chicken fingers or other crunchy stuff. The feeling is great inside their mouth, and because of this, you can easily serve your kid a plate of healthy crunchy food.

We all know that deep frying is not healthy. Rather than giving your kids foods full of unhealthy fats, sugar, or salt. You should probably try this much healthier alternative, the crispy avocado fried in coconut oil.

For example, french fries might raise the risk of death. As they are made from starchy potatoes and glazed inside serious amounts of salt and fat. Starch develops cravings and raises blood sugar spikes. This means you’re craving more food, just seconds later.

Sodium is a craving, which your body needs more of it. In fact, Americans sodium intake is extremely high. There is a strong connection between sodium and the release of serotonin, which makes you even more addictive.

Here is the crispy and creamy avocado fried in coconut oil recipe:

Avocado fries are a wonderful treat loaded with healthy fats. Moreover, avocados can help you improve your cardiovascular health and help to control blood sugar levels. Yet, most importantly, they have the right amount of fats, also posses amazing anti-inflammatory properties.


  • ½ cup coconut oil (for frying)
  • 2 firm-ripe avocados
  • 1 cup of (gluten-free) flour of choice
  • 2 eggs
  • 1½ cup bread crumbs
  • ¼ tsp pink Himalayan salt


Put the breadcrumbs in one bowl. Then, place your flour and salt in a separate bowl. And in a third bowl whisk the eggs.

Cut your avocados in slices, utilize 5-6 wedges per avocado. Hence, start melting the coconut oil on medium-high heat.

At first, roll the slices in flour. Dip them in the egg wash. Lastly, roll in bread crumbs.

Fry them on low fire until golden brown. When done, soak up the extra fat using a paper towel. Enjoy!



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