About Us

Healthy Educational Coach (HECspot) website is a full team of nutritionists and doctors. They are committed in providing effective health and wellness initiatives. Hecspot team has a primary goal to change the complex science, and give motivational advises, easy to follow guide, simple recommendations, based on the benefits of healthy food.

Healthy Educational Coach is informational and educational website for raising awareness, healthy food is not just eating the right food. Healthy food is a way of lifestyle.

“If a drug company finds out that celery juice lowers blood pressure and they tell it to people, they can’t sell their drugs. They get five bucks for a pill. Why should they tell you to use celery juice?” (by Jacque Fresko.)

Food is medicine. We belive that your diet controls 80% of your health. Being healthy starts from the inside out, what means is a healthy outside starts from products we consume everyday, on our daily doses.

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