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Tighten your belly in 1 month

Tighten Your Belly in 1 Month With the Plank Challenge

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Figuring out how to tighten your belly fat is usually the toughest part of weight loss for most people.

For all those out there, who are wondering how to get six pack abs fast, this challenge is extremely effective for your body. Despite, how many people believe a tight belly and 6-packs abs are impossible, they are terribly wrong.

Even though it is a static exercise, it does not make it easier. The plank exercises involve a lot of muscles, therefore it should never be underestimated.

While holding the plank position, the so-called corset muscles are largely exerted. Therefore, you might sweat much harder than after making a hundred crunches.

During the plank, the muscles are constantly tense, this way they will become stronger in a brief period of time. It’s no wonder, why the body boosts its endurance and stamina.

Here’s how to tighten your belly in 1 month with the plank challenge:

Week 1

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During the first week, you should hold the plank position for at least 30 seconds. Then, gradually increase the amount to a minute.

Week 2

Add another 30 seconds to the previous time that you used to hold it.

Week 3

Start from 90 seconds and increase to 120 seconds. And by the end of the challenge, do one set in the morning, and another in the evening.

As soon as you start this routine, you will experience amazing improvements:

  • It will enhance your overall balance and stability
  • Your body posture and organ function will significantly improve
  • It will lower the risk of spine and back injury
  • It will increase your flexibility
  • Planking will improve your metabolism
  • It will release stress and anxiety and improve your mood
  • You’ll improve core definition and performance

This 3 steps exercise will tighten your belly within a few weeks. Try it now and see the amazing results as soon as possible.



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