You are currently viewing Yoga Stretch for Lower Back Pain Relief (10-min Video)

Yoga Stretch for Lower Back Pain Relief (10-min Video)

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By far the most common cause of back pain. In fact, approximately 80% of adults experience this lower back pain at some point in life. This type of pain affects both men and women equally, and its intensity might vary from mild to acute.

The causes of lower back pain is mainly a result of improper body posture, sedentary lifestyles, unhealthy lifestyle habits, as well as genetics, age, pregnancy, excess body weight, sitting too much, etc.

Fortunately, you can treat lower back pain in a completely safe and inexpensive way, just by working on your flexibility and changing your normal daily routine. In fact, that’s where the flow of yoga poses comes in. These stretches are extremely helpful and provide relief in a short time.

Here is your required equipment:

  • 1 belt (pants, makeshift strap, or a scarf)
  • 1 cushion (optional)

The beauty of this yoga exercise is that you don’t require any previous yoga experience. In order to relieve lower back pain, you should just follow certain guidelines. As a result, you will boost lower back flexibility, prevent further development, support proper body posture, and strengthen your core muscles.

Stretching before bed is one of the most beneficial ways to release that built-up tension in your lower back. You should simply try it now and forget about the pain in the lower back. However, in the case of a herniated disk, you should avoid this stretch.

Here’s a 10-min video, yoga stretch for lower back pain relief:

Repeat these few gentle stretches and you will surely increase your mobility and blood flow to your lower back and help you feel better in a moment.


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