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The Therapeutic Benefits of Persimmon Many People Don’t Know About

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Persimmon is also known as the “Apple of the Orient“ and is first grown in China. However, from China, persimmon diffused into Japan, where it still plays a primary role in Japanese cuisine. Nowadays Persimmon is spread all over the world.

In fact, persimmon is really not a fruit, but a large, round berry, with a smooth, thin peel of yellow to brilliant orange color. When ripe, persimmon is very sweet and some parts of the flesh may turn brown. However, this is not because it has turned bad, but is actually from the sugar in the fruit.

You can eat persimmons raw, juiced, or you can puree them and add them to smoothies. Either way they are highly fibrous, delicious and nutritious.

According to Rachael Link, MS, RD, “one raw persimmon fruit contains:

  • 118 calories
  • 1 gram protein
  • 31.2 grams carbohydrates
  • 6 grams fiber
  • 0.3-grams fat
  • 2,733 international units vitamin A (55 percent DV)
  • 0.6-milligram manganese (30 percent DV)
  • 12.6 milligrams vitamin C (21 percent DV)
  • 0.2-milligram copper (9 percent DV)
  • 270 milligrams potassium (8 percent DV)
  • 0.2-milligram vitamin B6 (8 percent DV)
  • 1.2 milligrams vitamin E (6 percent DV)
  • 4.4 micrograms vitamin K (5 percent DV)

Persimmon is also abundant in potassium, iron, copper, calcium, manganese, and phosphorus, as well as vitamins A, C, and B vitamins.

Here are the therapeutic benefits of persimmon many people don’t know about:

  • Cold and flu

Thanks to its high content in vitamin C, persimmon strengthens the immune system and relieves the symptoms of colds, infections, and inflammation.

  • Constipation

Due to its high content in fiber and water, persimmon have excellent laxative properties that effectively relieve constipation.

  • Diuretic effect

Due to its high calcium and potassium levels this berry posseses powerful diuretic properties. Therefore, daily consumption of persimmonis is amazing way to prevent or relieve water retention.

  • High blood pressure

Helps reduce high blood pressure and successfully prevents many heart conditions linked to hypertension.

  • Liver health and body detoxification

Its excellent source of antioxidants play a key role in liver health and body detoxification. Persimmon succesfully neutralizes toxins and prevent damage due to free radicals.

  • Natural energizer

Persimmons provide a lot of readily available energy thanks to its high levels of potassium and electrolytes.

  • Stress, tiredness, and fatigue

Because persimmons are loaded in sugars and potassium, they may relieve the symptoms of stress, fatigue and tiredness without the need to use special energetic and nutritional supplements.


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