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Honey ‘May Be Better Than Antibiotics’ For Curing Coughs And Colds, Study Claims

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Oxford researchers have discovered that honey that is not refined performs similarly to antibiotics but without harmful adverse effects.

A team of scientists of Oxford University conducted research to discover the true value of unrefined honey. They we’re able to use honey instead of traditional antibiotics. According to recent research, honey can be equally effective as antibiotics in treating colds and coughs.

Researchers reviewed analysis studies in order to compare the health benefits that honey can provide. They analyzed its ability against antihistamines, cough suppressants as well as painkillers.

The results proved that honey doesn’t cause any adverse effects. In addition to being more effective in treating symptoms of the common cold than other medications.

Honey better than usual care for easing respiratory symptoms:

Honey eased the cough by 44 percent. Plus, it’s 36% stronger in decreasing the frequency of coughing than other medicines. Researchers have discovered that honey reduces the time to recover from upper respiratory tract infections.

“Honey was associated with a significantly greater reduction in combined symptom score, cough frequency, and cough severity,” read the study from the British Medical Journal.

It’s time to stop taking antibiotics and opt for natural alternatives to ease colds and coughs.

“Since most urticaria is caused by viruses the prescription of antibiotics is unproductive and ineffective. Plus, the lack of alternative treatments and the desire to protect the doctor-patient relationship are 2 main factors contributing to the overprescription of antibiotics by doctors. Our finding that honey can be beneficial is crucial. Honey can be a practical alternative.”

On the other hand, honey can reduce the duration of symptoms by as much as 2 days. It is important to remember that honey can be a complex substance and comes in many varieties. Each has its own distinct effects.

“Honey is a popular treatment for numerous people that are loved by patients. It’s also affordable and easy to obtain and does not cause any harm.”

It’s also crucial to know that honey is safe to use. However, you should avoid it if you suffer from an allergic reaction. Young children under 1 year old should not take it in.


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