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Once You Reset These 6 Hormones, Getting Rid of Excess Fat Becomes Way Easier

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It happens very often to stick your excess fat directly on your belly. This is the most unattractive look, which covers your abs. No matter what exercises you do, abdominal fat will be the last place you will manage to burn.

Get rid of excess fat not only for beauty reasons but for your health as well. Excessive weight in the belly area can lead to numerous health issues.

Abdominal fat can cause premature aging, heart disease, diabetes, and other health-related problems. Therefore you should balance your hormones, do exercises, start a healthy diet, change sleep patterns and so on.

Balancing your hormones is crucial, as excess fat might be caused by:

  • High Insulin
  • Low Growth Hormone
  • High Estrogen
  • Low DHEA
  • High Cortisol
  • Low Testosterone

Controlling Insulin Levels

This hormone is crucial in order to process sugar in your bloodstream. Insulin resistance and excess weight gain are mainly caused by consumption of processed sugars, alcohol use, refined junk foods, high blood pressure, stress, lack of exercise, excess belly fat and so on.

To control insulin levels, increase the intake of fiber-high foods, vegetables, fruits, seeds, and nuts.

Controlling Growth Hormones

These hormones have a serious impact on your body, as well as your mind. Thus, affects our actions, feelings, appearance and are necessary for muscle building, bone density, tissue repair, and healthy body composition. When you get older these hormones decrease, and these causes higher inflammation markers, cardiovascular disease, and excess belly fat.

In order to increase the human growth hormone levels, you should consume more food like these. Coconut oil, nuts, pineapples, goji berries, raw cacao, chlorella, watermelon, seeds, spirulina,  lemons, fava beans, greek yogurt, raisins, and more water.

Controlling Cortisol Levels

When your body is stressed, it releases cortisol in small doses and it is not harmful to your health. But, chronic stress can lead to a chronic elevation which causes obesity, low mood, stomach fat, sleep issues, and memory issues.

To balance your cortisol levels and reduce stress increase the intake of spinach, barley and citrus fruits. Also eat foods with zinc (beans, nuts, pumpkin seeds, mushrooms, seafood) and foods rich in omega-3s (fish, walnuts, flaxseeds).

Controlling DHEA Levels

Dehydroepiandrosterone is a hormone, which affects the energy levels, ability to lose fat and gain muscle, sleep, libido, mood, motivation, and the immune system. Its levels decrease due to high cortisol levels, or after the age of 30.

To raise DHEA levels, try meditation, yoga, stretching and other de-stressing routines. Also, start to consume foods rich in omega-3s, soybeans, olive oil and yams.

Controlling Estrogen Levels

You should watch your estrogen levels because high estrogen levels might cause obesity, headaches, breast cancer, belly fat, and risk of prostate cancer to men.

To control your estrogen level, consume plenty of foods high in phytonutrients and phytochemicals. The best choices are carrots, seeds, berries, yams, alfalfa, fennel, apples, oats, nuts, lentils, rice, ginseng, and anise.

Controlling Testosterone Levels

Testosterone, known as the male sex hormone is responsible for your bone and muscle mass, hair growth and sperm production. It decreases with age and can lead to some excess weight. It can cause depression, heart disease, decreased strength, muscle loss, obesity, low motivation, osteoporosis, and early death.

Start to intake more vitamin D, as it boosts the production of testosterone. Consume more fatty fish, mushrooms, egg yolks, broccoli, oysters, brazil nuts and bananas.



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