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Why Indian Food Is Incredibly Healthy and Appetizing, According to Science

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Indian cuisine is one of the most popular foods for its class. The variety of foods is endless, rich in complex flavors, creamy sauces, fragrant vegetables, tender meat, spicy and sweet at the same time.

Besides, the variety of spices and vegetables is extremely important for your body. Therefore, traditional Indian food is not only tasty, yet is incredibly healthy. In fact, it supports immunity, reduces inflammation, boosts brain function and more.

Here are some of the greatest characteristics of Indian cuisine:

  • Spices

Spices play an essential role in Indian cuisine. They use a large variety of seasonings in their cooking methods, which maximizes the flavor in the final product. Indians use spices the way artists use paint, combining in a way they are comfortable with.

  • Tradition

Traditional recipes are passed down from generation to generation and there is probably no diet as nutritious as Indian food. Therefore you should expand your horizons in Indian cooking, as practice makes perfect.

  • Variety

A diversity of foods and nutrients is required for the trillions of cells in the human body. Therefore Indian cuisine is perfect with a lot of different types of culture to draw on.

  • History

Indian Cuisine is known for being diverse, ancient, also attacked by all kinds of factors, such as a rigid class system, weather patterns, and global trade routes.

  • Health

There is probably no other cuisine in the world that includes so many health benefits like the Indian. The main ingredients are used with balance and are extremely nutritious, most common foods are beans, coconut, rice, and lots of nutritious vegetables.

  • Color

Indian food is strongly influenced by food color. At first, you eat with your eyes and nose before you eat with your mouth.

  • Experience

The Indian culinary experience is quite unique, which many people would remember for their entire lives.


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