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Sweet Potatoes Have Twice the Fiber, Twice The Calcium And Vitamin A Than White Potatoes

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You might find it strange, but sweet potato is not a potato at all and does not belong to the same nightshade family. There are also some huge differences in their appearance. The sweet potato is creamy and soft and is being used as a common part of many dishes.

Sweet potatoes are surprisingly nutritious vegetables, which provide amazing health benefits to the body. They pack a powerful nutritional punch abundant in plant proteins and very low in calories.

Here are the amazing health benefits of sweet potatoes:

  • Vitamins

The taste and colors can be partly attributed to its big vitamin content. Providing vitamin B6, a large amount of vitamin C and vitamin D. Eat sweet potatoes regularly to prevent colds, reduce stress and prevent cancer.

  • Beta-carotene

The sweet potato is orange, therefore it contains a big amount of beta-carotene. It improves your vision and immunity, while it gives your body a strong antioxidant shield.

  • Vitamin A

About 250,000 thousand people a year die from serious diseases due to lack of vitamin A. While half a million people lose their vision says the World Health Organization. In one medium sweet potato, there is over 400 percent of your daily vitamin A requirement.

  • Blood sugar

Although they contain carbohydrates, sweet potatoes also help you normalize your blood sugar levels. The fiber of these potatoes can potentially help you to control your blood sugar levels.

  • Minerals

One of the strongest antistress minerals is actually the magnesium, and sweet potatoes provide a significant amount of it. This mineral is imperative for the cardiovascular system, bones, muscles, and nerves.

The potassium contained in this vegetable is essential for your heartbeat and your nervous system. Moreover, it assists with kidney ailment, diminished swelling, and bulk unwinding.

Store sweet potatoes in open, cool, dark and well-ventilated place.



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