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Study Says Eating Ice Cream For Breakfast May Help Improve Mental Performance

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According to a Japanese scientist, ice cream is the perfect breakfast idea. The study was carried out by professor Yoshihiko Koga at Kyorin University.

He claims a scoop of ice cream for breakfast can provide an unexpected brain boost and release stress.

In one study, Koga compared brain activity through a number of mental activities. So, people who had consumed ice cream had quicker response times and were better at processing information.

Making ice cream at home requires no special equipment, all you need is egg yolks, sugar, whole milk, and heavy cream. On the other hand, conventional ice cream contains soybean oil, corn syrup, and pectin.

One serving of Ben & Jerry’s conventional ice cream contains 260 calories, 23 grams of sugar and 14 grams of fat. However, Cheerio’s also have the same amount of calories, but only 1 gram of sugar and 2 grams of fat.

While Cheerio’s isn’t the most nutritious breakfast option, it’s still better than ice cream. In fact, low sugar cereal with organic milk is a much healthier option. Sugar is extremely dangerous for individuals and may increase the risk of heart disease.

You may think this is only true of people who are overweight, but in fact, sugar is equally as dangerous for people of a healthy weight.

Diets high in added sugars have been linked to weight gain. You may think sugar is bad only for people who are overweight, but it’s equally dangerous for people of a healthy mass.

The American Heart Association recommends women consume less than 100 calories of sugar per day, and men less than 150 calories. One gram of sugar has 4 calories, and a single serving of ice cream contains nearly 100 percent from the recommended total amount of sugar.

Prepare healthy ice cream for breakfast, and improve mental performance:

On the other hand, you can always treat yourself with a nice homemade sugar-free ice cream. Feel free to use avocado, berries, cocoa, nuts, coconut milk, and other organic ingredients. Just blend the ingredients and freeze them overnight.



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