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How To Eat Papaya Seeds To Detoxify Liver, Kidneys And Heal Digestive Tract

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Papaya seeds are extremely nutritious, full of anti-inflammatory properties that lead to various health benefits. For instance, it lowers high glucose levels, promotes digestion, fights for a better heart condition, and heals wounds very fast.

Papaya seeds are crunchy to bite and have a strong peppery flavor. These seeds can be enjoyed raw, crushed, dried, or frozen. Sadly, very few people are aware of the health benefits of papaya seeds, therefore we give you several good reasons to stop throwing them away.

Here are the amazing health benefits of papaya seeds:

  • Reduce Inflammation

These healthy seeds are rich in 2 anti-inflammatory enzymes, papain, and chymopapain. Thus, fights against inflammation in the body such as arthritis, gout, joint pains, and asthma.

  • Lower High Blood Pressure

Among other health benefits, these seeds also prevent diabetes, hypertension, and hypercholesterolemia. Papaya seeds are abundant with carpainen, a compound that promotes heart health and lowers the systolic, diastolic, and arterial blood pressure.

  • Improve Digestive Health

The papaya fruit is one of the most effective remedies for healing the digestive system. These seeds have powerful antibacterial and anti-parasite properties. Therefore, consuming only 1 tablespoon of seeds can prevent food poisoning by fighting the bacteria that are causing the problem.

  • Detoxify Kidneys

Papaya seeds have powerful medicinal properties that are extremely beneficial for detoxifying the kidneys. Thus, prevent toxin-induced inflammation of the kidneys and remove the accumulation of toxins.

  • Detoxify Liver

Papaya seeds have been used as a way to detoxify the liver for ages. Therefore, eating just 1 tablespoon of these seeds per day can effectively detoxify the liver. However, dietary and lifestyle changes are of utmost importance in order to see significant liver improvements.

  • Natural Contraceptive

These seeds were used in the Indian culture as a form of natural contraceptive, so avoid them if you are trying to conceive.

These fruit seeds are best eaten at room temperature, but you can also store them in the freezer. In order to include more papaya seeds in your daily diet, add them to your smoothies, salads, soups, and fruit mixes.


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