You are currently viewing This Gourd Is Excellent For Reducing Hypertension, Enhancing Brain Function And Reduce Leg Cramps

This Gourd Is Excellent For Reducing Hypertension, Enhancing Brain Function And Reduce Leg Cramps

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Chayote is a green, pear-shaped fruit that is known as one of the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet. It is a member of the gourd family and when it’s cut open, there is only one soft seed inside. Looks can be deceiving because it might not look appealing but this gourd has a big nutritional punch to offer.

Here is the list of the excellent health benefits of chayote:

  • Heart health:  Chayote is rich in B vitamin folate that helps reduce the accumulation of homocysteine. Thus, succesfully prevents the risk of cardivascular diseases and stroke.
  • Blood pressure:  Drinking chayote juice regularly effectively helps in lowering your blood pressure.
  • Leg cramps:  This gourd is abundant in magnesium, an electrolyte and a mineral which helps prevent muscle cramps.
  • Respiratory health:  Chayote is relatively low in carbohydrates and relatively high in fiber. Therefore, it easily soothes a cough, treats cold, clears phlegm, and fights other respiratory issues.
  • Bone strength:  The excellent source of vitamin K, it boosts bone health and improves teeth structure.
  • Thyroid gland health: The rich iodine and copper combo, provides amazing properties to improve the function of the thyroid gland.
  • Brain health: Chayote is a versatile squash that also improve brain health, and boost your memory.
  • Constipation: Chayote is rich in fiber which aids the metabolism and promotes healthy bowel movements.
  • Weight loss:  Prepare a natural juice with chayote to convert fat and protein into energy, and promote the weight loss process. 
  • Skin health:  It contains numerous beneficial antioxidants, including vitamin C, which may contribute to youthful-looking skin enhancing the look of the skin.

When consuming chayote, you can eat it raw, add it to salads, make soups and stews, or prepare juices. The mild taste goes well with almost any fruit or vegetable combination.

Note that the chayote skin may give off a latex-like substance that might cause a tingling sensation when it comes to direct contact with the skin while cooking. However, this effect lasts shortly and is nothing dangerous.


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