You are currently viewing Add Cloves In Lemons And Limes To Keep Bees, Mosquitos, Wasps And Flies Away

Add Cloves In Lemons And Limes To Keep Bees, Mosquitos, Wasps And Flies Away

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You surely enjoy in the spring and summer however, when the warmer weather hits all insects are triggered to come out of hibernation. Once they get the bloodmeal they need, they will no longer annoy us.

Therefore, people often search for various insect repellents. However, these store-bought products are loaded with harmful chemicals which may have many side effects too. Additionally, they been proven to be toxic to the central nervous system and can be really dangerous for the human body.

Long-term exposure to these chemicals can lead to the death of neurons in the brain and cause issues with memory, learning, and muscle movements. Therefore, it is always better to choose healthy and natural methods to repel annoying bugs and insects.

Fortunately, cloves are extremely beneficial in the fight against insects. In fact, they help repel mosquitoes and other insects due to its strong scent. Lemon is also an excellent repellent of flies. Therefore, for the best effects, you can combine it with cloves.

Plus, most insects don’t like herbs with a strong aroma. Therefore, it would be really useful if you keep a pot of mint close to the doorway since, they don’t stand a chance to come any closer.

Here’s how you can use cloves to keep bees, mosquitos, wasps and flies away:

  • Take 2 lemons or limes and cut them into halves. Then, poke 6 – 12 cloves into each half of the lemon as the shown thumbnail image. Lastly, place the clove decorated lemons on a plate in the middle of your picnic table. You’ll soon see how there will be no insect around you.

Additionally, vitamin B1 is a powerful weapon against mosquitoes which has been scientifically proven. Therefore, it is recommended to take a 300mg dose of spirulina daily to further repel mosquitos since, it is able to mask the natural odors that mosquitos are attracted to.


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