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Psychologists Explain 8 Reasons Why Positive Self-Talk Improves Mental Health

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Positive self-talk promotes life quality and helps individuals cope with certain life issues. In fact, positive self-talk can help to improve your outlook on life and cause long-lasting health benefits.

Here are 8 amazing reasons to improve your mental wellbeing with positive self-talk:

1. You feel happier

Overall, positive self-talk can make you happier. It won’t cure your pain but, it will create a better person over time. It will make you more confident and it will help you control your emotions and thoughts. There’s nothing better than a healthy splash of positive energy.

2. Reduces stress

Positive self-talk has been known to promote resilience to stressful environments. Stress can provoke the following issues:

  • Weak immune system
  • Inflammation
  • Risk of mental disorders
  • Risk of diseases

Therefore, talk nicely to yourself and ward off bad thoughts.

3. Reduces toxic thought patterns

Many toxic thought patterns in life can lead to long-term negative thinking. Examples of toxic thought patterns include the following possible outcomes:

  • Catastrophizing – You are constantly creating the worst-case scenarios of every situation.
  • Magnifying – You focus only on the negative part of each situation.
  • Personalizing – You often blaim yourself for everything, typically with a lot of guilt and pain.
  • Polarizing – Everything is black or white, you ignore the gray area. Therefore, even minor problems become worse.

4. You feel confident

You won’t feel confident if you think negatively all the time. In fact, if you often criticize yourself, it means you probably aren’t as confident in your abilities. On the other hand, encouragement self-talk boosts the good parts of yourself. You deserve the best, you know…

5. You concentrate better

Effective use of self-talk can break your anxiety and stress. Thus, will help you focus on your tasks and responsibilities.

Positive self-talk disrupts destructive cycles in the following way:

  • Encourages you to see the bright part of the situation
  • You focus on the lessons and learn from each situation
  • Reminds you that you can overcome anything
  • It eliminates spiraling and unproductive thoughts
  • You channel your energy towards more productive endeavors

6. Healthy habits

  • Motivates you – Good self-talk can help you to improve and grow more than anything in the world.
  • You strive to be better – Stop treating yourself so badly. In fact, positive self-talk can make you respect yourself more than ever before.
  • Manage setbacks – Progress towards healthier habits is not linear. Make sure to prevent discouragement and you will be able to learn from your mistakes.

7. Good motivation

A simple “I got this” can help you achieve anything. The effects of positive self-talk on motivation are so clear and obvious that it’s hard not to use them to your benefit. Thus, can help you achieve all the things you have ever dreamed of.

8. Builds great relationships

Positive self-talk helps you to exude confidence. It promotes your optimism and you will be able to communicate your problems more effectively. Plus, it makes you a fun person.


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