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This Chinese Face Map Reveals What Your Body Fights With!

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The skin is the largest organ of the body, that plays a significant role in maintaining the immune system. In particular, skin problems can often be the first sign of serious underlying health condition.

Therefore, Chinese medicine believes different facial parts are connected to various organs in the body. For instance, our faces can clearly indicate the imbalances that have occurred within our body. This can be seen by the appearance of pimples, rashes or the appearance of changes in color.

Here’s how to examine the map of your face and discover what it has to say about your well-being:

Forehead: Linked to the small intestine and the bladder

  • Cause: Excessive amounts of fats, processed foods, stress, lack of sleep, overconsumption of alcohol, and sugar can cause a slow digestion.
  • Treatment: Drink plenty of water, no alcohol, consume raw foods, and have sufficient sleep.

The area between the eyebrows: Connected with the liver

  • Cause: Over-consumption of meat. You might even be allergic to one ingredient, and as a result, the stomach is working way too intensely and doesn’t get the rest it needs.
  • Treatment: Consume raw and healthy food, get a fresh air, yoga, meditate or a walk.

Eyebrow arch: Linked to kidneys

  • Cause: Heart disease and blood circulation from excessive alcohol consumption and smoking cigarettes.
  • Treatment: Limit your consumption of caffeine, alcohol and sweetened drinks. On the other hand drink plenty of clean pure water.

Nose: Connected with the hearth

  • Cause: Poor circulation, closed rooms, gasses, stomach bloating, polluted air, or even high blood pressure.
  • Treatment: You need to check your blood pressure as well as your cholesterol levels. You should detox your body with the consumption of organic green tea, and you should exercise regularly.

Upper part of the cheeks: Linked to the lungs

  • The reason: Asthma, smoking polluting, smoking
  • Treatment: Stop smoking cigarettes and avoid breathing in polluted air.

Cheeks: Connected to kidneys and lungs

  • Cause: Poor eating habits, stressful lifestyle, excess levels of sugar and smoking.
  • Treatment: Try to avoid unhealthy food items and choose better quality cosmetics.

The chin: Connected to the mouth and stomach

  • The reason: High-fat food and high-sugar food items like alcohol, and, caffeine drinks. Plus, by staying up late
  • Treatment: It is recommended to follow an energizing, balanced diet, which is high in fruits.

Neck and jaw: Related to hormones

  • Cause: Dehydration, excessive salty food, and too much caffeine, or spices.
  • Treatment: Drink plenty of water, and avoid or limit the consumption of caffeine, spice and foods that are abundant in salt.


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