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8 Signs Showing A Woman Hasn’t Made Love For Far Too Long

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Aside from reproduction, regular sex is important for many reasons. Both men and women, get a ton of health benefits. Numerous studies have confirmed that having regular sexual relations with your partner can boost health remarkably. There is a simple way to spot with 8 signs showing a woman hasn’t made love.

Generally, women suffer more from lack of sexual intercourse, than men do. When women go through this period, there are signals that grab attention.

Here are 8 signs showing a woman hasn’t made love for far too long:

  1. Lack of Self-respect

Lack of sexual activity can be devastating for your self-esteem and for the respect you have for yourself. This will make to ask yourself, will you end up forever alone.

  1. Constant Sickness

If you don’t have sex enough, you increase the odds of getting sick. If you have sex at least two times per week, you will boost your immunoglobulin by 35% and improve your immunity.

  1. Insomnia

If there is trouble with sleeping than probably you don’t have sexual relations as desired. Therefore, if you are looking for a long and healthy sleep, you know what will make you feel refreshed and energized. 

  1. Decreased Memory

When you don’t have sex, your brain focuses on that and always keeps reminding you. So, this will cause to forget other important information and you’ll end up forgetting your daily tasks.

  1. Drugs

Many people use drugs thinking that it will boost their sex performance. But, they end up completely the opposite.

  1. Increased Body Weight

It is a known fact that a person burns roughly about 500, 600 calories in 1 week, just by having sex. So, a lack of sex can cause gain weight.

  1. Avoiding People

When you aren’t sexually active, you may think that going and hanging out with people will solve the current situation. But, lack of sex ironically can make you feel even more anti-social.

  1. Getting Older

By not practicing regular sex, you probably have a more stressful life. Which, leads to speeding up the aging process.



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