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This Is What Happens If You Burn A Bay Leaf In Your Home (Plus 7 Other Uses)

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Every good cook has its own secrets, and many know that the best ingredient in a soup or stew is the bay leaf. In fact, bay leaves are ideal for various dishes, as their pleasant aroma adds fire and life to them.

Additionally, apart from smelling and tasting good, bay leaf is extremely beneficial for your health. They have powerful anti-aging benefits, improve heart health, fight infections, and ease breathing. It’s certainly a great plant that can serve both children and adults.

Burning bay leaves is an ancient tradition that uses the smoke of holy herbs to purify your home and clean the place from negativity. Additionally, these aromatic leaves release a calming scent that helps to relax your mind and muscles.

Inhaling the scent of these leaves won’t put you to sleep however, it will clear your body of stress, increase alertness, sharpen your focus, and soothe your entire body. Furthermore, if you are a person that experiences a lot of social anxiety, try to burn a bay leaf in your home as it will help your conversation go a lot more smoothly. Many people claim that this practice associates better mindfulness meditation.

Here are few extra health benefits when you burn a bay leaf in your home:

1. Bay leaves can be consumed for better heart health as they contain caffeic acid, which helps strengthen the heart’s capillary walls.

2. Bay leaves open the respiratory passages, therefore their inhaling may help with asthma and various breathing issues. You can also rub bay leaves onto the problematic areas to fix problems in the sinuses and breathing system as a whole.

3. Since these leaves have strong anti-inflammatory agents and pain-relieving properties. Numerous studies recommend that you rub bay leaf essential oil on sore joints to relieve pain and tightness.

4. Drinking a mixture of powdered laurel leaves with milk, helps in treating urinary infections.

5. As a culinary herb, bay leaf can also manage blood glucose levels. One study shows that just 3 grams of bay leaf per day is enough to treat this health condition.

6. To help with dandruff, mix bay leaves with warmed jojoba oil and apply it to the scalp to act for an hour.

7. The bay leaf has powerful digestive properties that accelerates the metabolism. Some people even advise rubbing it on your stomach after a meal.


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