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7 Psychological Problems That Are Linked To Poor Parenting

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Most parents don’t want anything bad for their kids, but poor parenting can happen without being aware of it. Being a parent is a huge challenge, it is considered as one of the most responsible and difficult jobs ever. Children absorb every word, action, and behavior, and these have a big influence on how they think, act and feel.

Here are 7 psychological problems that are linked to poor parenting:

  1. Anxiety and depression

If you have a regular habit to criticize your kids, there is a big chance they will become anxious and depressed. Beware of your actions, and do not overprotect them, because they might become fearful in life and lack independence.

  1. Trust issues

If you always tell your child that nobody can be trusted, as a result, him/her will end up with trust issues. This might develop a negative effect on their life.

  1. Depression and guilt

All parents want to raise their children properly. But, when you keep repeating that you have sacrificed a lot for your kids, you may cause feelings of guilt and depression. Also when they grow up, they might consider themselves an unworthy person, which doesn’t deserve anything.

  1. Low self-esteem

You should never compare your children to someone else because this lowers their child’s self-esteem. Additionally, they might constantly compare themselves to others, and start believing they aren’t good enough.

  1. Lack of independence

The child who is overprotected can grow into an immature and irresponsible person. If you always keep your kids too close, they will become dependent on others, and won’t be able to make important decisions in life.

  1. Suppression of talents and lack of initiative

Allow your children to have dreams. You should never tell your child that they’re being unrealistic, since this may suppress their talents.

  1. Suppression of emotions

When you suppress your emotions and feeling, a child will often imitate their parent’s behavior. If you constantly tell your child “Stop crying” or “Stop complaining” it can make them think their feelings aren’t valid and become closed.



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