You are currently viewing 16 Gross Things All Women Do But Will Never Admit
16 Gross Things All Women Do But Will Never Admit

16 Gross Things All Women Do But Will Never Admit

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Ladies may appear more gentle and emotional, therefore women are considered more mature, compared to men. But sometimes women, too, can get out of their shell. Do Something Crazy, that will totally shock every person’s mind. So what are these gross things all women do but will never admit?

In fact, a lot of women lean to be more mysterious and cagey, not giving up much about themselves. However, like all human beings women feel curious and have a desire for something unknown.

This means women carry on similarly that men do, but in a particular way. Women can also accept some of the bad behavior, that men do, but they are not aware of it.

They are in their natural world, and there are not single women that doesn’t do them. But, these are the things they will never talk about, not even with each other. Obviously, because they are kind of gross and yucky.

So, here they are: 16 Gross Things All Women Do But Will Never Admit

  1. Putting used bras in the laundry basket, but then taking them out to wear them again. Because all the other ones are not fitting them correctly and are uncomfortable.
  2. Investigate tampons before throwing them out, to see if they are reusable.
  3. When they run out of pads, they use toilet paper to wrap their area.
  4. Taking off the bra as soon as they enter a home, the best relief ever.
  5. Crying for no particular reason, and watching yourself in the mirror.
  6. Squeezing out long ingrown hair and pimples. Oddly satisfying!
  7. Wearing the same clothes as yesterday, because you’re not going to meet the same people.
  8. Eating food that has fallen into your cleavage.
  9. Sleeping with the light turned on because you’re still afraid of the dark.
  10. Keeping clothes with stains, because you’ll need something to wear when your period comes.
  11. Squeezing your breasts, while walking down the stairs. It just feels like the right thing to do!
  12. Using a dry shampoo, and leaving your hair unwashed for days.
  13. Dancing in front of a mirror before a night out. Must do, if you haven’t been to a party lately.
  14. Removing all your pubes, then regretting, because you look like a 10-year-old kid.
  15. Shaving your legs only in summer, and on special occasions.
  16. Sniffing your clothes to know how long you wear them before you need to wash them.



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