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Why Are People With Blood Type O So Special?

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Science is not able to explain how our personalities are determined by blood type yet, there are some interesting theories. In fact, there are 4 blood types, A, B, AB, and O, but there is something really unique about the blood type O.

The negatives A-, B-, AB-, and O- are red blood cells that do not have any A or B antigens. On the other hand, the positive ones have antigens present in them. According to historical data, it has been believed that people with type 0 blood are those that observed the environment and were aggressive hunters.

Here are some important facts about people with blood type O:

  • These people have a strong immune system and thin blood, therefore they live the longest.
  • Dr. Peter D’Adamo’s ‘blood type’ diet recommends that those with O blood type should eat more lean meat, and avoid diary and grains.
  • People with type 0 blood are predisposed to iodine deficiency, a chemical element whose sole purpose is to regulate the thyroid hormones, anger, and hyperactivity.
  • People with Type O blood are significantly more often bitten by mosquitoes.
  • Numerous studies found that the risk of pancreatic is more than one-third less among individuals with blood type O.
  • When it comes to their personality traits, they are productive, energetic, focused, and very competitive. Plus, blood type 0 is linked to organization, practicality, commitment, and logic.
  • Individuals with this blood type are passionate, optimistic, honest, ambitious, and confident.
  • People in this group have a lot of noradrenaline and adrenaline working throughout the body. Thus, means they should avoid gambling and extreme physical activity, especially when stressed or tired. Also, make sure to avoid caffeine and alcohol.
  • Nevertheless, unhealthy habits can lead to elevated stress levels. Therefore these people should take part in some physical exercise for at least half an hour, in order to maintain their emotional balance. Also, it will do wonders for their well-being.


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