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50 Amazing Ways To Use Apple Cider Vinegar For Health And Home

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The potent natural tonic apple cider vinegar has been used in the past since the time of Jesus to treat kidney stones, allergies colds and infections and high blood pressure arthritis and much more.

It is a powerful cleanser with rejuvenating and healing properties. regulates the pH levels of the body, combats inflammation and helps prevent illness.

Apple cider vinegar could tell quite a bit about your family and you read on to find out:

1. Skin Clear

To eliminate excess oil and to fight acne to fight acne, soak a washcloth in vinegar from apple cider, then apply it to your face.

2. Sore Muscles

Add 1 tablespoon of vinegar from apple cider into an ice-cold glass of water, and sip it to relieve the pain of muscles.

3. Anti-Itch

Apply it directly on the skin to help soothe itching.

4. Sunburn

Pour a cup apple cider vinegar into your bath and take a bath for 10 minutes to relieve the pain caused by sunburns.

5. Bruises

Make a cup of apple cider vinegar, then add 1 teaspoon of salt and apply the mix on the bruises as of compresses.

6. Breath of Bad

Make a paste of a teaspoon of vinegar from apple cider and one half cup of water over 10 seconds.

7. Dandruff

Make a mixture of water and mix it together in similar portions and then spray it onto hair that is damp. Let it work for 15 minutes before washing to combat the dandruff.

8. Whiten Teeth

Apple cider vinegar can be applied directly on teeth, then rinse them with water to brighten them. For a mouth wash you can dilute apple cider vinegar with water.

9. Weed Killer

Blend apple cider vinegar dish soap salt, water or lemon juice.

10. Sore Throat

Pour warm water into a glass, mix one tablespoon of vinegar from apple cider, one tablespoon of cayenne pepper as well as 3 tablespoons raw honey and sip this drink to ease a sore throat.

11. Foot Odor

Use apple cider vinegar on baby wipes, then store them in a plastic bag , and keep them in the fridge throughout the night. The next day, you can use them the wipes as you need.

12. Gas and Constipation

Take a teaspoon of it into a cup of tea, then consume it to trigger your digestive juices to release as well as treat gas and constipation.

13. Heartburn

Mix a tablespoon of it into some tea or water then drink to ease the heartburn.

14. Post Shaving Treatment

Mix water and apple cider vinegar in equal quantities and apply it on your skin to create an aftershave that is natural.

15. All Purpose Cleaner

Spray bottle combine 1 part of water and 1 cup apple cider vinegar and add 3 to 5 drops of your preferred essential oil. Then you will be able to make a homemade household cleaner.

16. Odor Remover

Spray bottle mix the mixture together with water, in equally quantities then spray it to remove bad smells.

17. Cleanse the Liver

Drinking a glass of water containing one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar at the beginning of each day can help cleanse your liver of toxic substances.

18. Candida

Drink half a tablespoon a day to combat candida.

19. Dish Detergent

Apple cider vinegar can be added to the dishwasher to clean the grease.

20. Flea Repellent (pets)

Apply it on topically to the coat of pet or spray it on the fur and you’ll be able to repel fleas.

21. Moles, Skin Tags Warts

Make a cotton ball soak in vinegar from apple cider, then apply it to the area affected and secure it with medical tape. Let it sit for at least a night and then repeat until the problem has been resolved.

22. Burns

Apply it to burns to ease discomfort and speed their healing.

23. Condiment Enhancer

Mix it in with fresh herbs and olive oil to marinades, salads and sauces.

24. Mix with Fruit Juice

Mix it in with freshly squeezed juice of fruit, and you’ll be getting your daily dosage of cider vinegar from apples in a tasty manner.

25. Soups

To add a punch you can add a splash in apple cider vinegar in your soups.

26. baked Goods

A boost can be added to baked products.

27. Facial Toner

Mix a teaspoon with water. Then, using the help of a cotton ball, place it to the face to cleanse the skin.

28. Stomach Upset

Mix 2 teaspoons cider vinegar from apple, one tablespoon freshly squeezed lemon juiceand 1 tablespoon pure ginger juice, and 8 ounces sparkling water, and raw honey. Drink it to ease the stomach upset.

29. Stop Cats and Dogs from Chewing on Your Things

Put some apple cider vinegar onto things your dog would like to chew on, or scrub the areas where they pee in the house using it. It won’t pee again.

30. Detox Bath

Add a cup apple cider vinegar 1/3-1 cup Epsom salts, and 5-10 drops of essential oils to your bath and relax in it for a detoxification of your body and ease tension.

31. washes Fruits and Veggies

To cleanse the produce of chemical pesticides, wash the produce with a solution that includes apple cider vinegar, water and.

32. Antifungal

To combat fungal infections, Apply apple cider vinegar on the area affected.

33. Clear Sinuses

Incorporate apple cider vinegar in the water in a cup and sip it slowly to cleanse the sinuses and break up the mucus.

34. Lymph Circulation

Add half a teaspoon in apple cider vinegar into your water or tea and drink it daily to cleanse the body and strengthen the immune system.

28. Energy Boost

Include a little apple cider vinegar into your smoothie or juice in the morning , and you will increase the energy level of your body.

25. Insulin Sensitivity

Its regular consumption reduce blood sugar to 34%. Take 2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar prior to the time you go to bed can lower blood sugar levels in the early morning by up to 4%.

37. Exercise Fatigue

For a quick fix for exhaustion post-workout Drink a cup of water and a teaspoon of vinegar from apple cider.

38. Infections with Yeast

Make a batter and soak it in 1 1/2 cups apple cider vinegar, for about 20 minutes.

39. Allergic Allergies

To help prevent allergies To prevent allergies, drink a glass of water mixed with a teaspoon in apple cider vinegar as well as one tablespoon of organic local raw honey each day.

40. Hand and foot Massage

To ease muscles that are tired To ease tired muscles, apply apple cider vinegar over the hands and feet after a long and tiring day.

41. Neutralize Spices

If you’ve accidentally added more shakes a particular spice to your food, simply include an apple cider vinegar. You can restore the flavor to what you would like it to be.

42. Flytrap

To attract and kill fruit fly Add apple cider vinegar as well as dish soap in an empty bowl. Place this on your counter.

43. Urine Smells in Clothing

To get rid of the smell of urine off the clothes To remove the smell of urine from your clothes, add 1/2 cup of detergent to the machine for washing.

44. Alkalization

Regular consumption of it alkalizes the body and prevents illness.

45. relieves Gout

To ease gout’s symptoms, drink 2-3 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar several times per day.

46. Add Bone Broth

For a kick to your bone broth, add a couple of spoonfuls of bone broth.

47. Cramping

To ease cramping Rub it gently on the affected area.

48. Hair Detangler

Spray bottle mix water and apple cider vinegar in equal quantities, and spray hair with a spray bottle when combing.

49. Weight Loss

Add half a tablespoon of this to drink of the lemonwater in the morning , and prior to meals, to reduce appetite and help treat water retention.

50. Shiny Hair

For your hair to become stronger and shine, wash it using a mix of 1 portion apple cider vinegar with 1 percent water following washing.


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