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This Is How You Should Never Wash Your Face

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Washing your face is incredibly necessary, plus it’s one of the easiest hygiene routines to perform it. Boy or girl, this should be the very first thing you should do as soon as you wake up.

Yet, it turns out there are wrong ways to wash your face. If you do these common mistakes, dirt and bacteria will stay on your face. Thus, could cause the buildup of oil that may lead to acne, or even cause eczema.

All these ailments can be avoided especially when it comes to daily cleanse. Allow your skin to breathe once again, and keep your face young and healthy.

Here are some face washing mistakes you should avoid:

  • Not washing your face before you go to bed

Your sleep is actually when your skin is working its hardest to repair. Even if you don’t wear makeup, your face skin develops a “buildup” during the day.

Washing your face before bed removes this extra layer, opens your pores, and leaves your outline looking fresh. Thus, prevents acne and other skin irritations, as well as inflammation.

  • Not washing your face in the morning

A morning wash may seem obvious, except if you’re in such a big hurry. In fact, the cold water on your skin will make you feel much refreshed than a morning coffee. Additionally, the skin does a better job absorbing the products you put on it

  • Avoid really hot water

Hot water can strip your skin of natural oils which can lead to dryness. Always be sure to use lukewarm or cold water when washing it.

  • Wrong cleanser

You can do more harm than good by using the wrong cleanser. You should use a natural cleanser that’s formulated for your skin type. There are plenty of different types of cleansers on the market these days. Here’s what to choose according to your skin type.

  • Cream cleansers tend to be very gentle and moisturizing, they are ideal for people with oily skin
  • Gentle hydrating cleansers are ideal for those with dry and sensitive skin
  • Salicylic acid-based cleaners are a great choice for people who are dealing with acne on a regular basis

Now, don’t forget to wash your face in the morning and before you go to bed.



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