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Super Easy Smoothie to Get Rid of Back Pain

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Nowadays, back pain has been among the top frequent problems. It is the result of a sedentary lifestyle as well as strenuous or unintentional exercise, or stress-inducing work conditions.

The treatment is costly massages and other therapies, however, many experts recommend that people should consume more organic, natural ingredients which have powerful anti-inflammatory properties.

Also, make sure to avoid foods that contain gluten since it will make the situation even more difficult. On the other hand, you can do some exercises such as stretching, walking or swimming.

When it comes to fresh foods blueberries are really relieving your symptoms. They are rich in antioxidants called anthocyanins which affect nerves, muscles bone, and spine in a positive way and protect against free radical-induced damage.

Spinach is also excellent for spinal cord health. It’s rich in nitrates as well as Vitamin K. These reduce the risk of back pain.

Quercetin is a major component of apple juice and quercetin is an excellent anti-inflammatory agent which helps to prevent chronic and severe pain.

Ginger offers a variety of health advantages. The oils of ginger target substances that trigger inflammation. It helps relieve stiffness and pain.

Honey, on the other hand, is famous for its ability to treat diseases, but few people realize that people have been using honey since the beginning of time to alleviate back pain and to reduce swelling.

Here’s how to prepare this easy smoothie to get rid of back pain:


  • 1/2 cup blueberries
  • baby spinach
  • 1 apple
  • 1 tablespoon honey
  • 1/2 tsp ginger
  • 1/3 cup of water


At first, you should soothe the ginger in some boiling water and let it cool for 20 minutes. Afterward, blend it with the remaining ingredients until it becomes creamy. Serve it in glasses and add blueberries on top. Enjoy this refreshing smoothie and see the back pain ease away.


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