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Cleaning The Liver With Raisins: Traditional Russian Medicine’s Recipe

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It is widely recognized that the liver is a biochemical laboratory within the human body. In fact, that’s the place where the more intricate processes are carried out.

One of the many tasks that the liver plays in detoxification. In excess consumption of medications as well as a poor diet and infections that are bacterial or viral usually cause severe harm and pose danger to the liver’s health.

The liver is a blood-producing unit within the body. It aids the body in improving and boosting digestion while cleansing the blood. Plus, it eliminates all contaminants and waste products, gives freshness, energy and promotes your mood.

Cleansing the liver using black grapes begins with the following steps. The first step is to select the highest quality raisins. Be aware that these days, top-quality raisins often aren’t available in your local supermarket.

The bright colored raisins, the better sulfur dioxide treatment they provide. Don’t pick raisins that are “glowing” as there is a good chance that they’ve been chemically processed.

Raisins with high quality aren’t shiny, wrinkled, and aren’t too soft or excessively hard. They must be properly preserved as well as not affected.

Good raisins should be dark or dark brown (when it is a more vibrant grape variety, the raisins will have a light brown color). There are also black raisins that have blue hues, created by dehydrating the darker varieties of vine.

It is ideal to find raisins that have tiny stems, which are one of the most important indications of natural-produced raisins. When you have selected the most wholesome and non-chemically processed raisins, you can begin making the recipe below that can help cleanse the liver.

Here’s how to cleanse your liver with the traditional Russian treatment recipe:

  1. Soak half  a cup of raisins in hot water and let them rest for 15 minutes, then wash.
  2. Place the washed raisins in a cup and fill the cup to the brim with boiled water, cooled to room temperature. Let the raisins rest for 24 hours (until the next morning).
  3. The next morning, before having breakfast, you shoul drink the beverage and eat the raisins. Lay in bed for one and a half or two hours and put a hot compress (or even better, a hot-water bottle) on the right side of your stomach.

Repeat this cleansing process each week for one month (i.e. every week for each month) and two times a year.


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