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How Planks Can Transform Your Body

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The plank exercise may seem simple and straightforward, but when you give it a test, it’s quite the opposite. Similar to what happens when you think it’s not affecting your body in any way, however, it activates all muscles, and it’s very efficient and effective.

If you’re determined to work out and improve your physique, this exercise can make a difference!

It helps you build and tone the core muscles of your abdominal as well as your hips and back. In addition to being an abdominal workout, the plank has many benefits for getting fit and healthy. Let’s look at them.


Because the plank exercise engages all the muscles within your abdominal region, it can strengthen and tone your stomach more effectively than any other sit-up exercise.

Abdominal exercises are only able to work just a small portion of your trunk and focus specifically on the abdominal muscles. Planks are a different matter. They will work your abs, both lower and upper, and Obliques. This means you can be able to say “goodbye” to those “love handles” which prevent you from achieving the slim shape and toned waist you’ve always wanted.

Burning off belly fat is only the beginning of the list with regard to the benefits of a plank.


By building your abdominal muscles, and strengthening your abdominals Planks can ease the back muscles and assist in improving their shape.

Doing the plank exercise could aid in reducing stress on your back while you’re in a relaxed position, and this benefit goes beyond the time that you’re doing the exercise.


If you increase the strength and strength of your muscles you will feel the effects across your entire body. The abdominal plank exercise does not only helps to strengthen and lessen discomfort, but it also helps improve flexibility of the body as well as improve balance. It also creates an ideal posture for your spine, no matter if you’re standing or sitting.

One of the great things with planks of wood is the fact that they are infinitely modified

Fired, meaning that everyone of different fitness levels will be able to find the plank that is suitable for them.

Beginning students can begin by establishing a basic plank and move into modified poses that could be challenging even the most athletic body.


The correct form is vital when performing this exercise. The good thing is that performing the abdominal plank correctly isn’t a huge challenge but it does require some practice and focus initially. We will explain the steps to do an abdominal plank:

  • Place your feet on the floor with your back facing down.
  • Make sure that your shoulders are just above your elbows and your wrists are aligned to your elbows, in straight lines (see the image above).
  • Intensify your abdominal muscles and glutes (the muscles that comprise the buttocks) and remain in the position as long as you are able to. Gradually, increase the length of the hold duration.
  • Pause for around 1 minute between sets.


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