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Sunlit Rooms Have Half as Much Bacteria as Dark Rooms, and No Bacteria That Cause Respiratory Diseases

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Sunshine is a crucial ingredient for your overall health. In fact, a study published in Microbiome found that rooms full of light have 50% fewer bacteria then dark rooms and almost no respiratory disease causing bacteria. Besides, sunlight protects against inflammation, supports muscles, develops brain function, reduces high blood pressure, and even protect against cancer.

Additionally, a group of researchers at the University of Oregon set up a few dollhouse-sized rooms. Some of the rooms had a conventional UV blocking glass, some glass that let UV rays inside, and some held dark.

The rooms were injected with bacteria-packed dust of existing homes in Portland. The specific rooms were placed outdoors and their interiors were maintained at standard room temperature.

Here are the amazing results of sunlit rooms that have half as less bacteria then dark rooms:

After 3 months, researchers have found that 12 percent of the bacteria in dark rooms remained active and ready to reproduce. On the other hand, rooms exposed to sunlight through UV blocking glass had only 6.8 percent viable dust bacteria remaining, and rooms that allowed UV light in produced only 6.1 percent of viable bacteria.

Dust in dark rooms contained bacteria that cause respiratory diseases. However, this scenario wasn’t the case with light rooms. In fact, the bacteria in rooms that allowed UV light was actually the bacteria commonly found in outdoor air.

Therefore, you should definitely take this certain studies into consideration the next time you decide to close your curtains in your room. Also, make sure there is enough light in your home, and please, attempt to convince everyone that sunlit is a good way to promote your health and wellbeing.

We live in a world packed with dangerous bacteria and sanitizing isn’t always the best approach.In fact, it would be better to enrich an indoor light with microbes that are not harmful, while fight by yourself with these unfriendly bacteria. Enjoy in a life with no respiratory-disease-causing bacteria.


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