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10 Ways To Remove Negative Energy From Any Space And Replace It With Positive Vibrations

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People who do not live up to their potential often feel stuck, dissatisfied, exhausted, broken, unhappy, and unwilling. In fact, people who are low on positive vibrations are feeling far from being the best versions of themselves.

On the other hand, we can all feel, be, and live better, but we need to know the way to attract it. For example, we need to know how to match the vibration of what we wish to attract while absorbing energy from our environment.

Everything we see today is made of pure energy, that is constantly moving, oscillating, and vibrating at different speeds. In fact, humans are just energy moving at some frequencies and vibrations.

According to the Law of Attraction, what you give in to the world is what you get back in return. Pursuing positive thoughts will bring positive results, yet negative thoughts will bring negative outcomes. This means that you are responsible for your life as you have the ability to direct your feelings and thoughts.

Here are 10 ways to practically raise the positive vibrations:

1. Declutter

Your home will become a new place when you clean your chaos. Throw away all unnecessary things, clothes you no longer wear, old, duplicate items, creating space for new things and fresh energy.

2. Plants and Fresh Flowers

Nature has calming and relaxing effects on us. Therefore, adding more flowers and plants indoors will help you to raise more positive vibrations. Experts recommend growing plants like aloe vera, rosemary, bamboo, cactus, jasmine, lavender, mint, and orchids.

3. Meditate

Meditation is the most efficient way to raise vibrations, boost health, and expel negativity from you and your home.

4. Fresh Air

Fresh air creates an incredible restful environment that makes you feel more energized and happier.

5. Music

Music is one of the most potent healing arts. Listening to music alters the vibes, and helps to relieve pain, promote sleep, reduce fatigue, and improve the function of the immune system and the heart.

6. Crystals

Crystals have the power to prevent and reduce negativity in space. A few of the most popular choices include bloodstone, aventurine, citrine, turquoise, carnelian, quartz, and celestite.

7. Create a Space for Relaxation

Pick a place, a corner, a desk in the home that will be your safe place, for yoga, reading, meditation, whatever revitalizes your spirit, and spend at least 10 minutes a day there.

8. Candles

Light scented candles and fireplaces are perfect for meditation as they provide a hypnotic and calming effect. The yellow color and warmth from candles also increase the positive vibrations in your house.

9. Memories

Before you leave an item in a drawer or on a shelf, ask yourself does it brings good or bad memories. Fill the home with things that have positive vibes in your life.

10. Cut Down on Electronics

When the TV is turned on, it affects the atmosphere in the room, based on what is playing. Therefore, limit the time you spend in front of the TV and carefully choose a program you watch.


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