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Types of Body Fat

6 Types Of Body Fat & How To Get Rid Of It!

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Overweight and obesity are one of the biggest health problems in the world. Many factors can contribute to these conditions, including lifestyle choices.

Various treatments often fail to provide results, since it depends on the cause and severity of your condition. Therefore, researchers have finally found the reason for it.

A recent Yorkshire Health Study took a look at a group of 4,000 obese adults. The findings and conclusions from this study took various factors into consideration. From understanding what caused it in the first place, during to how to get rid of it. A great step in the treatment of obesity has been made.

Here are the 6 types of body fat & how to get rid of it:

  1. Full upper body obesity

This type of fat actually means you are overeating and not exercising enough. Therefore, you should limit the intake of sweet foods, and exercise at least half an hour daily.

  1. Stomach-centered obesity

Extra weight in this area can be caused by a spike in the stress hormone cortisol and by depression and anxiety. You should avoid stress and learn to relax, also drink hot green tea to calm yourself.

  1. Lower body obesity

The members of this group are mostly women. It is recommended to perform lower-body resistance training, combined with cardio exercises.

  1. Swollen stomach obesity

Fat in this area is from excessive alcohol consumption or breathing difficulties. Try to reduce the amount of alcohol, and perform some breathing exercises.

  1. Lower body obesity that includes lower legs

This is most often present in those who are pregnant. To avoid swelling you need to try water aerobics, and spend some time sitting with the feet raised during the day.

  1. Large, protruding stomach with upper back fat

This is similar to type one, the crucial reason is physical inactivity. It is extremely important to exercise and regulate your blood sugar levels. Moreover, eat in small portions.

By all means, you should remember that a healthy diet and an active lifestyle are the best methods to get rid of your body fat.



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