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Why Afternoon Naps are a Sign of Health, Not Laziness.

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Power naps are great however, many people usually don’t have much time to take a nap during the day. In fact, the early to mid-afternoon nap is best for rejuvenation when compared to other naps at a different time of the day. However, numerous people try to avoid these naps due to many chores, jobs, bills, and all other responsibilities that keep their schedules full.

Statistically, only 34 percent of the Americans nap during the day, thus helps them increase their sharpness by 100%. The research has also found that the people who napped made fewer mistakes and had fewer accidents.

Some people consider taking naps to be a bit lazy and childish, while others believe that the daytime naps will wreck their sleep at night. Yet, very few people know that napping is completely healthy and is actually pretty good for the body. Therefore, if you don’t take day naps you should definitely reconsider as they are extremely beneficial.

Continuous naps are always helpful when you are learning another expertise. A recent report in biological physiology showed that the brains of habitual nappers are better in learning and absorbing new information.

Here are several types of afternoon naps:

  • Planned napping— This is a nap that person takes before he or she feels tired, it’s usually right before an event which you know will end late that night.
  • Emergency Napping— This is a nap that makes you suddenly feel exhaustion with physical or mental activity, and you cannot continue the activity you were doing.
  • Habitual Napping— If a person wishes to get the most benefits of their nap, it is best they take it in the afternoon. Therefore, some people take a nap every single day at the same time.

For the best effects, you should take an afternoon nap, no longer than 30 minutes. Since, this is the perfect time to make a person more alert, without making them feel groggy afterward. On the other hand, if you are among those people that enjoy the benefits of a short nap, enjoy, science has your back one more time.


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