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Place a Clothespin on Your Ear For 20 Seconds The Results Will Surprise You

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One such remedy as placing a clothespin on your ear for a few seconds has amazing benefits for your health. In fact, each ear contains a complete reflex map that connects to the central nervous system and kicks your organs into action which may help in relieving pain.

Namely, the ears have 6 spots that are related to different body organs that can actually cure certain aches and pains as well as release the tension built up in various parts of the body. Therefore, by stimulating these spots for a few seconds you can solve various health issues and the effect will surprise you.

Here are the 6 amazing benefits of placing a clothespin on your ear for 20 seconds:

  • The upper part of the ear

The most upper part of your ear is directly related to the shoulders and back, therefore pressing this spot for only 1 minute daily will release the built up tension and knots of this area.

  • The top of the ear’s curve

This spot of the ear is linked to the organs, therefore in the case of internal tenderness or discomfort, place a clothespin on your ear in order to ease the pain.

  • The upper-middle part of the ear

This is the part of the ear that is related to the joints therefore, when you press it, it soothes the pain and stiffness in that area.

  • The lower-middle part of the ear

Pinching the lower middle part of your ear will treat congestion, relieve the sinusitis, ease sore throat, and promote a better sleep.

  • Just above the earlobe

Applying pressure to the spot just above the earlobe can help you with digestive discomfort or stomach issues.

  • The earlobe

The earlobe is related to the head and hearth. Therefore, pinch the edge of your ear lobe in order to soothe headaches and migraine, and support heart health.


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