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7 Exercises to Reduce the Size of Your Belly

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Reducing the amount of belly fat is quite difficult and challenging. Despite a healthy diet, regular exercise is also required to burn and eliminate the fat.

Yet, despite looking unattractive, abdominal fat raises the risk of heart disease, type II diabetes, as well as various other health issues. Therefore, physical activity can help you feel better, sleep healthy, and stress less.

Here are 7 exercises that will help to reduce the size of your belly:

  • Heavy Side Bend

Start in a standing position with the hands up while holding a dumbbell, and try to bend as much as you can on one side. Then, hold for a few seconds, and repeat on the other side. Do 10 repetitions with both sides.

  • Forward Bend

Stand still and bring your feet together. While maintaining them straight, bend forward and touch the feet with your hands. Repeat 10 times.

  • Mountain Climber

Begin in a push-up position, start jumping on each leg interchangeably while bringing the knees to the chest area.

  • Bicycle

Lie on your back and keep your hands behind the head. Raise the legs in a 90-degree angle and rotate them like riding a bike. Rotate your torso during the movement.

  • V-UPS

Lay down with the arms extended behind the head, bring the feet close together and feet pointing upward. Raise the legs while lifting the entire body off the floor trying to reach the toes. Hold for a couple of seconds, and return to the first position.

  • Plank

Place your body in a push-up position with your elbows at a 90% angle. Make sure your body is in a straight line, and hold as much as you can.

  • Plank Knee to Elbow

Lay down with the face towards the floor, in a plank position. Bring the left knee to the right elbow, hold for a few seconds, and return to the initial position. Do 10 reps with each side.


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