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25 Ancient Medical Cures (Most People Have Forgotten)

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Today, as people are more likely to live for longer than they did a century ago they reach their twilight years, they are also at an increased risk of addictive effects of prescription medications and can also trigger a myriad of negative side effects.

This is why people turn to natural remedies and homeopathic medicines.

Over the past 10 years, natural health remedies have been gaining popularity rapidly because modern medicine places more emphasis on prescribing drugs rather than focusing more on prevention and healthy eating.

As per Andrew Weil, an American popular doctor who promotes integrative and holistic health We have a disease management system that relies on costly medications and procedures in order to treat health issues instead of telling patients to stick to simple lifestyle changes, a healthy diet, and therapies to restore their health.

Studies have proven that medicinal plants were used in the past to enrich diets and treat common ailments. The many beneficial compounds have served as an effective natural defense mechanism against infection and disease.

The first record of the medicinal use of plants was discovered in the Sumerian civilization. There are traces of it from the earlier Greek as well as Egyptian civilizations.

Furthermore, Traditional Chinese medicine and Indian Ayurveda also form the foundation for the most widely utilized forms of natural healing today.

Below are the 25 old treatments and cures that have been in use for centuries, but are now largely forgotten

1. Maggot therapy

Maggots were utilized for wound treatment, but today, they are used to treat skin trauma.

2. Trepanation

In the past, “doctors” drilled an opening in the skull to help release evil spirits.

3. Fecal Transplant

Doctor. Bret Lasner, a gastroenterologist at the Cleveland Clinic, says: “The Chinese were the first to perceive that changing the bacterial verdure of the colon could be an advantageous treatment.”

4. Acupuncture

Today, we are beginning to realize the incredible effects of acupuncture and it was used in China from the year 6000 BCE!

5. Catheterization

Catheterization involves the incision of a tube in the urethra with the intention of assisting an immobile person flush urine. In the medieval era, there was a metal tube for this purpose.

6. Cesarian section

The well-known Cesarian segment (or “C-section”) originated in the 320s B.C. but has evolved in the course of.

7. Therapy with leeches

The practice dates back more than 3500 years ago to the time of the ancient Egyptians Today the use of leeches is to treat coagulation disorders.

8. Blackberry

It helps treat inflammation within the body and also fights diarrhea.

9. Chamomile

It eases stress, helps prevent premature aging, and also treats common colds.

10. Gotu Kola

It’s been used since the beginning of time in China, India, and Indonesia as well as Ginkgo Biloba, as a method to improve mental clarity.

11. Honeysuckle

It is effective in treating respiratory and digestive disorders.

12. Alfalfa

It’s rich in vitamin A, C, E, and K, which is why it has been used to lower cholesterol levels, treat bleeding disorders and asthma and soothe an upset stomach.

13. Elderberry

This is an all-natural cure to treat respiratory diseases.

14. Ginger

Ginger is a potent anti-cancer agent with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-inflammatory properties. It also boosts metabolism and enhances your cognitive abilities.

15. Rosemary

It helps treat inflammation, improves metabolism, and increases circulation.

16. Sage

It helps treat respiratory and digestive conditions and helps prevent colds.

17. Gingko

It improves blood circulation and improves brain health.

18. Ginseng

Ginger boosts your body’s energy levels, reduces cholesterol and blood sugar levels, reduces stress levels and treats erectile dysfunction, and boosts the condition of the brain.

19. Mint

Fit aids digestion, eases digestive discomfort, and improves brain health and function.

20. Valerian

It eases anxiety and stress and eases muscle soreness.

21. Aloe vera

It is used to improve the health of the skin as well as to aid digestion and increase the absorption of nutrients.

22. Mullein

It was commonly used by Native Americans, primarily as an herbal remedy for inflammation and respiratory ailments.

23. Bee pollen

Pollen is a potent antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties that combat inflammation, reduce cholesterol levels, and safeguard the cells.

24. Curcumin

Curcumin is a natural treatment for digestive disorders. It has been shown to delay or stop the onset of dementia.

25. Echinacea

It was used by Native Americans as a way to boost the immune system.


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