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Turmeric Lemonade That Treats Depression Better Than Prozac

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The amount of people suffering from depression across the globe is growing. Depression is usually defined as being a mood condition that has features like depression and low mood. It also has numerous symptoms that differ among different people.

The condition of depression is widespread, and when it’s not grave, people can lead an active and healthy lifestyle, however, only if they are treated properly. If depression becomes grave, it can ruin your life, and possibly even your health. If you’re experiencing this type of situation get help immediately.

Symptoms and Signs of Depression

  • Desperation-like feelings
  • Feelings of sorrow, sadness, or anxiety
  • Feelings of guilt
  • Insomnia and bad temper
  • Low energy and chronic fatigue levels
  • Insufficient or excessive sleep
  • Troubles with decision-making and concentration
  • Suicidal thoughts and suicide attempts

Although these symptoms and signs of depression can be frightening. Fortunately, there are positive sides and organic methods to deal with the issue.

One option is to use turmeric, a spice that is a potent medicinal ingredient. Apart from the depression issue, you can also use it to treat many diseases and illnesses.

For instance, turmeric may help us avoid the conversion of healthy cells into cancerous cells. It could be beneficial when suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

It’s also capable of combating skin cancer and decreasing LDL cholesterol levels.

Therefore, a large number of people are using turmeric to treat arthritis stomach issues, acidity jaundice, liver problems diarrhea, etc.

Some of the most known benefits of turmeric:

  • Turmeric is loaded with antioxidants
  • It has powerful anti-inflammatory properties
  • It has many advantages for cognitive function
  • Lowers the risk of suffering from heart disease
  • It helps people get rid of depression

How Can Turmeric Help in Cases of Depression?

The truth is the drug industry developed numerous different treatments to fight depression. A few of the well-known medications used to treat depression is Prozac. While these drugs are efficient, they can cause grave side effects, including suicidal ideas, breathing issues, and internal bleeding (in the stomach).

Scientists have conducted a variety of studies focusing on turmeric, and they have discovered that an active component in curcumin, curcumin, is the capability to produce positive effects in the case of major depression disorders. It provides the same benefits similar to Prozac however without the harmful negative side effects.

Here’s how to prepare the turmeric lemonade recipe:

  • 2 tablespoons of grated or powdered turmeric
  • A cup of cold or sparkling water
  • Lemon juice or lime juice (2 limes or 2 lemons)
  • 4 tablespoons of maple syrup made from organic sources, stevia, or honey in the event that you don’t wish to use sugar
  • Blood orange juice from one blood orange (optional)

Take all of the ingredients and put them in a small to mid-size pitcher, and mix them well. Following that, serve it with a piece of lemon. You will certainly notice the improvements within a couple of days.


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