You are currently viewing Magical Recipe for Varicose Veins and Thrombosis with Only 2 Simple Ingredients

Magical Recipe for Varicose Veins and Thrombosis with Only 2 Simple Ingredients

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Nowadays, many people are suffering from widespread veins, especially over the age of 50. The varicose veins and thrombosis are really uncomfortable health conditions. In fact, women are more prone to encounter them, but they can also appear in men.

Usually, varicose veins appear as a result of damaged valves and veins. Thus, prevent the blood flow towards the heart, resulting in pooling of blood within the veins. This blood gathering mostly appears in ankles and legs.

Since varicose veins may be very noticeable, people dealing with it, regularly feel uncomfortable, and wear longer clothing. This is an extra reason why you should treat this health issue as soon as possible. The condition comes as a result of excess weight, lack of exercise, injuries, pregnancy, blood clots, and spending too much time standing or sitting.

Varicose veins can also cause disorders in the deeper veins, and this type of blockage is known as a deep vein thrombosis. Fortunately, is not anything serious and can be cured with simple natural remedies, and proper habits of sitting and standing.

This magical recipe against varicose veins and thrombosis has been used by many generations, due to its amazing healing properties. The results will simply amaze you.

Here is the magical 2- ingredient recipe for varicose veins and thrombosis:


  • 1 baby soap
  • 1 glass of sheep milk

Use & preparation:

At first, grind the baby soap and add it into the milk. Then, store the mixture into a plastic container, and apply it to the affected area 3 times a day. If you are preparing a larger amount of the remedy, you should keep it in the fridge.

Thrombosis prevention can also be performed through regular physical exercise, healthy eating, and good hydration. Thus, remarkably improves the blood circulation, decreases inflammatory processes, and prevents fat plaques from accumulating in blood vessels.


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