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7 Infused Water Recipes That Help You Stop Drinking Soda

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Bored with your everyday water habits or you want to eliminate soda from your life, then you are in the right place. These infused water recipes make an excellent replacement that will help your organism work better, including numerous potential health benefits.

In fact, you are allowed to use any mixture of contemporary fruits and herbs. On the other hand, if you are a beginner in this area, we will share some exciting and healthy recipes. At first, make sure you have one bigger glass container.

For example, you’ll need the following:

  • A pitcher or glass
  • Ice
  • A spoon

Here are the 7 infused water recipes, that are extremely healthy: 

1. Thyme Grapefruit Lime water 

Take a glass and add 4 cubes of ice, filling it with approximately half of the glass. Then, add few slices of grapefruit, 4 slices of lime, and some fresh thyme. Push the thyme down with a spoon to make it match in the glass. Lastly, add water and stir with your spoon, and enjoy.

2. Basil Apple Ginger Water 

At first, take your pitcher and fill it halfway with ice. Then, pour 5 thin slices of a green apple, and add fresh ginger shavings, as well as 8 basil leaves. Fill the pitcher up with water, and stir with a straw.

3. Strawberry Blueberry mint Infused water

This recipe is a classic, again fill your pitcher halfway with ice. Only, now you should add one hand full of strawberries, as well as blueberries. Add water, and top off with a couple of mint leaves.

4. Lavender Lemon water

Put ice in half of your pitcher, and add 5 lemon slices. Next, top it off with water and add a couple of small handfuls of fresh lavender. Stir and enjoy!

5. Cucumber Mint Lemon Infused Water

Slice ½ cucumber in extra-thin slices, then also slice ½ lemon in the same way. Then add ice to your pitcher and add the cucumber and lemon, mixed with a few mint leaves. Pour over with water and enjoy.

6. Green Tea Lemon Mint water with Honey

This is basically a cup of green tea, just with lemon and mint. To make this drink, you need to fill half of your pitcher with ice, then add 6 slices of lemon, a few leaves of mint, and some green tea. Stir well, and add honey on the top.

7. Lemon Grapefruit Orange Water with Rosemary

At first, you should prepare 1 orange, 1 pink grapefruit, and 1 lemon. Then, you should add ice in half of your pitcher and put 3 lemon slices, 2 slices of orange, and 3 grapefruit slices. Lastly, add a couple of rosemary springs and pour water.

These infused water recipes will boost your health and keep you hydrated through the entire day. Therefore, we suggest to prepare them every day. Enjoy!


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