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Signs of a Clogged Lymphatic System and 10 Ways to Cleanse It

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Getting rid of the toxic matter that accumulates in the body is one major part of staying healthy and having a good immune system. In fact, keeping your body clean is one of the best ways to fight viruses and flu pandemics, plus you will remain healthy, with a positive and active lifestyle.

It’s crucial, especially now during these long periods of quarantine to boost your immune and lymphatic systems in order for your body to work properly. In addition, having a good immune system is also eating well, exercising, and getting regular sunshine.

Here are few signs of a clogged lymphatic system that needs detoxification:

  • Excess weight
  • Digestive disorders
  • Arthritis
  • Skin conditions
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Unexplained injuries
  • Frequent headaches

Follow these natural ways to cleanse the lymphatic system and ensure a healthy lymph flow:

1. Clean water

To ensure a healthy flow of the lymph, it is advisable to drink up to half your body weight in ounces of water daily (If you are 160 lbs. (72kg) you should drink 80 ounces of water, or 2.4 liters).

2. Foods that stimulate lymph flow

Eating a clean, nutrient-rich, and mostly raw food diet improves the healthy function of the lymphatic system. Some of the best cleansing foods are almonds, low-sugar fruits, cranberries, garlic, walnuts, chia seeds, green leafy veggies, avocados, and Brazil nuts.

3. Exercise

Regular exercise is crucial for a healthy lymphatic system. One of the best exercises for stimulating lymph is rebounding on a small trampoline.

4. Alternative treatments

Lymphatic drainage with Lymph-Biologics is one of the most powerful ways to detoxify the lymphatic system, as it stimulates the circulation of fluids, lymph, toxins, and fat.

5. Avoid foods that clog the lymphatic system

Avoiding the following foods is critical to improving your lymphatic health: sugar, soy, table salt, artificial sweeteners, processed foods, and conventionally raised meat.

6. Hot and cold showers

Hot and cold showers have similar benefits as a sauna. The hot water dilates the blood vessels, while the cold water shrivels them. However, be careful with this therapy if you have a heart condition or are pregnant.

7. Breathe deeply

Breathe deeply, and exhale smoothly to transport the toxins into the blood before they are detoxified by the liver.

8. Dry brushing

Using a natural bristle brush to brush your dry skin stimulates the flow of lymph. Brush the dry skin in a circular motion for 10 minutes and take a shower afterward.

9. Herbal teas

Some great herbs to consider for preparing a tea are cilantro, astragalus, goldenseal, poke root, Echinacea, and wild indigo root tea.

10. Avoid tight clothes

Avoid restrictive clothing that can cut off proper circulation within the lymphatic system. This way you will easily prevent the accumulation of toxins.



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