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How to Use Dark Chocolate as a Medicine

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Numerous researches have confirmed that eating dark chocolate has a positive impact on human health. Therefore, you should always opt for dark chocolate with the highest cocoa content of at least 70%. The darker the chocolate, the more cocoa solids you’re getting, thus meaning your body gets more nutrients.

Although there are plenty of health benefits, it’s important to know that chocolate has a very high-calorie content that comes from fat and sugar. Therefore, you shouldn’t swap all your fruit snacks and veggie with chocolate. It’s crucial to always consume chocolate moderately, like with many things in life.

Here are the amazing health benefits of dark chocolate:

  • High blood pressure

Moderate consumption of dark chocolate lowers blood pressure and protects heart and blood vessels.

  • Antidepressant

Serotonin levels increase with the amount of cacao intake, so darker chocolate or raw cacao gives the better effect. Thus, lowers stress and gives us a general sense of well-being.

  • Chocolate is one of the most powerful foods in the fight against cancer

Dark chocolate contains high concentrations of beneficial flavonoids that are known as one of the most potent anti-cancer weapons on your side.

  • Chocolate for a healthy brain

Studies have shown that dark chocolate protects brain cells and promotes blood flow in your brain and your heart. Therefore, consuming chocolate daily instantly improves your cognitive function.

  • Dark chocolate improves mood

Consume chocolate to improve their mood. In fact, many people are eating chocolate when we are stressed or despaired and makes them relaxed and calm.

  • Protect your heart

Dark chocolate can help you to reduce blood pressure, improve blood flow, and lower the risk of blood clotting. So, you can strengthen your heart just by eating dark chocolate 3 times a week.

  • Dark chocolate keeps you young

High in anti-oxidants, dark chocolate helps combat the radical cell damage. Therefore, chocolate will help you stay young and healthy.

  • Treat cough with hot raw chocolate

Chocolate contains theobromine which has a similar effect to codeine and soothes a cough. Combine some almond milk and raw cocoa and relieve your cough.


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