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How to Control Blood Sugar Naturally (Without Medicine) The 2 Types of Diabetes

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Every year the number of people experiencing diabetes is quickly expanding. The number is already hitting 500 million, making it a world epidemic.

There are only 2 types of Diabetes:

  • Diabetes type 1

Caused by issues with the safe system, therefore it isn’t preventable or curable. As most of the people who experience it have a relative with the same condition, so specialists assume that it may be related to genetics.

  • Diabetes type 2

It usually occurs due to poor eating habits or obesity. This sort is curable, and there are natural methods to reverse it and keep it in check.

One of the main problems with treating type-2 diabetes is that medicines have a lot of side effects, such as kidney and liver damage, incontinence, and compounding of the condition.

So, here’s how to control blood sugar naturally without medicine:

  • Cinnamon

It has been scientifically proven that cinnamon allows open up the cells, with the purpose for sugar to can get inside them. Unlike other natural methods to keep blood sugar normal, cinnamon it is highly accessible and can be used as a fundamental flavor.

  • Hintonia Latiflora

This tree grows in hot and dry environments like Mexico. Its bark possesses important medicinal properties which can enhance glucose levels. Moreover, Hintonia Latiflora lowers cholesterol levels, cleanse the blood vessels, and reduces the risk of developing cataracts.

  • Weight Loss

Weight gain, particularly around the stomach areа, is a very regular problem in type II diabetics. The body has the inability to use insulin properly, also can’t open up the cells to absorb the sugar.

  • Exercise

Any type of activity, even walking, can help treat type II diabetes. For best results, type-2 diabetics should go and exercise for 30 minutes per day. Thus, helps the body to burn up the excess sugar.

  • Diet

As type II diabetics have too much sugar floating in their bloodstream, it is essential to stay away from foods like white rice, white-flour goods, and refined sugars. On the other side, they should consume more lean meats, fresh fruits and veggies, and whole-grain foods.



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    How to control blood sugar when you have pregnant?

    1. Healthy Educational Coach

      In order to control your blood sugar levels during pregnancy aim to consume a healthy snack or meal every 3 hours or so. Eating nutrient-dense foods also keep your body satiated and stabilizes your blood sugar levels. In addition, you can take prenatal vitamins, including probiotics, if they’re recommended by your doctor.

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