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Eating This for Breakfast Every Morning Help You Lose Weight Faster Than You Expect

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Breakfast is undoubtedly described as the most important meal of the day. Therefore, always make sure to pick a healthy and nutritious meal that provides the needed energy for the day.

In addition, if you are trying to lose extra weight, you should never skip breakfast. This is absolutely wrong, as it will simply boost the unhealthy cravings all day long.

A recent study published in the Annals of Nutrition & Metabolism found that the best possible variant for a breakfast is oatmeal.

Each participant consumed 350 calories for breakfast. The first group received oatmeal, while the second one consumed cornflakes, the lunch was the same for all. After 3 hours, researchers analyzed their blood samples in order to control their blood sugar and insulin levels.

They found that participants in the first group had no food cravings through the morning and afternoon, and ate 31% fewer calories for lunch. In addition, those people consumed 50% fewer calories for lunch. Therefore, oatmeal is most beneficial for people who want to lose weight.

On the other hand, participants from the second group felt hungry after 3 hours. Plus, cornflakes produce high concentrations of blood glucose levels and cause spikes in blood sugar levels.

Numerous studies have confirmed the same findings, and it has been found that oatmeal is the best choice for your breakfast. Plus, you can add them to various side dishes, stew or salads, as well as many desserts.

Here are few extra health benefits of oats breakfast:

  • It provides a feeling of satiety

Oats contain high amounts of fiber which prevents cravings and causes a feeling of fullness. Fiber helps digestion and promotes weight loss.

  • It lowers Blood Pressure

Oats helps in the regulation of blood pressure, as they contain lignan, vegetable fiber, which has been shown to lower blood pressure by 30%.

  • It reduces Cholesterol

The fiber in oats binds to fat in the body, which significantly reduces bad cholesterol levels. Thus, lowers the risk of heart diseases, heart failure, and strokes.

  • It Lowers the Risk of Cancer

The British Medical Journal published a study that showed that oats lower the risk of colon, prostate, breast, and ovarian cancers.


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