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Burn the Most Calories

What Exercises Burn the Most Calories: 10 Proven Workouts

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When you exercise, your body commonly uses fat and carbs as energy, which can only be stored in limited quantities. But, for your body to burn calories, you need oxygen, and to get that oxygen you need it’s best to exercise in your target heart rate zone.

The target zone differs from person to person, in intensity activities is around 60-80% of your maximum heart rate. Here you can determine your target zone according to your age:

Here are 10 proven workouts, which burn the most calories:

  1. Jumping Rope

As it turns out, this little rope is actually a big-time fat burner, it can burn up to 1074 calories per hour. Even jumping at a very moderate rate burns 10 to 16 calories a minute. The most basic piece of equipment is extremely useful for a full-body workout.

  1. Swimming

Leisurely swimming for 60 minutes can burn up to 680 calories, and with high intensity, you can burn up to 890 calories per hour.

  1. Jogging

Compared with walking, jogging can more than triple your calorie burn. This is a full-body movement that burns an average of 755 calories per hour.

  1. Burpees

Burpees make your body a fat-burning machine. They are a great way to challenge all your muscles and increase your heart rate. In just 1 hour, you can burn more than 563 calories.

  1. Cycling

Riding a bike is healthy, fun and a low-impact form of exercise. A slow-cycling workout can burn an average of 364 calories per hour. Additionally, it provides a workout for your heart, lungs and blood vessels.

  1. Running up stairs

Running up stairs will drive up your calorie burn up to 452-670 calories/hour. Since the heart and lungs pump more blood and oxygen.

  1. Tennis

Playing tennis is a good sport to maintain your health, strength, and agility. You’re guaranteed to get your heart rate going, and lose up to 720 calories per hour.

  1. High-impact aerobics

High-impact exercises get your heart rate up more quickly, therefore you burn more calories. With high-intensity circuit training, you can lose more than 600 calories.

  1. Weightlifting

Lifting weight is more than burning just calories, it boosts metabolism and leads to strength gain. However, studies also show you can burn an average of 2x the calories, then other cardio exercises.

  1. Rollerblading

This is a great cardio exercise, which increases the heart rate and gets your lungs working. Rollerblading for 1 hour can help you lose up to 680 calories.

Create a powerful daily schedule, incorporate one or more of these exercises. The results will amaze you.



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