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Cancer Cells Decompose After Several Weeks, With the Use of This Herb

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A recent research study carried out by a team of experts of the University of Windsor in Canada (The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry) has produced some fascinating results. These results are particularly fascinating for those who suffer from cancer. The research study proved that dandelion roots have the capability of triggering cancer cells to decompose without causing any harm to healthy cells.

A group of scientists has found that dandelion roots provide more benefits than chemotherapy since it completely eliminates cancerous cells, and does not affect the healthy cells at all (something which chemotherapy cannot achieve). Additionally, the well-known herb comes with many other advantages to our overall health.

Dandelion root can be an effective diuretic with the capacity to aid in the secretion of bile:

It improves cholesterol levels, cleanses the liver, as well as soothes allergies. Additionally, dandelion is loaded with powerful minerals and vitamins, including magnesium, calcium, iron, and riboflavin. Vitamin C is also present in Vitamin B6, vitamin B6, folic acids, and the amino acid thiamine. 

It was also discovered that dandelion has around 500 percent of the daily recommended vitamin C intake and over 100 percent of the recommended daily dose of vitamin A.

A 72 years old man called John Di Carlo was certain that dandelion had powerful healing properties. The man had been exposed to extremely intense and powerful chemotherapy to eradicate cancer. The treatment lasted for three years, however, it did not produce any results that were positive.

At last, he quit and decided to live the remaining years of his life with no treatments at home. When he had made the decision then, he began drinking dandelion root tea since he was told that it can help fight cancer. There was nothing to lose and began taking it in on a regular basis.

Natural News reports that John Di Carlo was able to live through. The story reveals that dandelion root definitely worth taking a look at.


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