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How To Make The Most Efficient Natural Antibiotic for Bladder Infection

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A urinary tract infection is when bacteria grow into parts of your urinary system and travels up to your bladder. Bladder infection is a very common urinary tract disorder yet, it can be really painful and severe.

The infection leads to symptoms like a constant urge to pee. Although, when you finally manage to urinate, you probably wish you had not as the pain in the lower abdomen cause moderate to severe burning sensations.

Е. Coli is responsible for 90% of the causes of urinary tract infections. Luckily, you can treat this inflammation naturally, using all-natural antibiotics sufficient to fight off the bladder infection.

In fact, these natural antibiotics have unbelievable medical qualities with strong antibacterial and antiviral properties. Namely, you will notice improvements right after the very first treatment. Also, the remedy prevents the same strain or re-infection.

Here’s how to make the most efficient natural antibiotic for bladder infection:


  • 250g parsley root
  • 250g lemon (use whole lemon)
  • 250g honey
  • 250g olive oil


At first, you need to chop the parsley root and lemon. Then, put all the ingredients in a blender and mix well. Store the remedy in your fridge.

Combining these 4 natural ingredients provides a super-powerful remedy. Each of these ingredients is extremely healthy for your body and will help you battle these cruel microscopic organisms.


Take a tablespoon of the cure every morning. A single dose of this remedy is enough to battle off the microscopic organisms.

Practice the following tips to handle urinary infection easily:

  • Drink plenty of water, at least 2 liters
  • Take cranberry juice or tea
  • Urinate regularly
  • Drink parsley tea
  • Stop consuming chocolate and sweets (sugars feed Еscherichia Coli)
  • Consume cucumbers more often
  • Hold the lower part of your body warm
  • Avoid caffeine and citrus fruits (as both aggravate the mucous where the bacteria normally thrives)



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