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8 Common Health Problems That Can Be Treated With Epsom Salt

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Not many people are familiar with the health benefits of Epsom salt. In fact, Epsom salt is a magnesium sulfate compound, that has been found in 1860 near Epsom in England. This famous natural salt offers countless health benefits that surely will make your life easier.

Perhaps the most common use is for relieving joint pain, but you can also use it for greasy hair and tension headaches. In fact, Epsom salt is a mineral composed of magnesium and sulfate. Both minerals are highly absorbable through the skin and have a role in many vital functions in the body.

Therefore, taking an Epsom salt bath is the easiest way to absorb these minerals through the skin. By simply soaking your feet or entire body in a bath containing Epsom salts, you can increase internal levels of magnesium naturally without taking magnesium supplements.

Here are 8 common health problems that can you treat with Epsom salt:

1. Muscle Pain

To relieve the pain in the muscles, add 2 cups of Epsom salt into your bathtub and soak there for about 10-20 minutes.

2. Joint Pain

Relieving joint pain is one of the most common uses of Epsom salt. A warm Epsom salt bath is the best way to reduce the pain.

3. Headaches

The magnesium and sulfate from Epsom salt is extremely effective treatment for headaches.

4. Foot Scrub

If you struggle with dry, cracked heels, mix Epsom salt, olive oil, and castile soap, and use this foot scrub twice per week.

5. Face Scrub

Add a touch of Epsom salt to your cream, and massage the face in circular motions to exfoliate the skin. Rinse with water afterward.

6. Greasy Hair

Add a tablespoon of Epsom salt to your shampoo to reduce oily hair.

7. Fertilize Your Fruits

Add a teaspoon of Epsom salt in the soil in order to promote the growth of your fruits.

8. Clean Your Bathroom

Mix equal amounts of Epsom salt and soap, and use the mixture to clean the entire bathroom.

Epsom salt could instantly replace your shampoos, bathroom cleaners, face and foot scrubs, and much more.



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