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8 Benefits Of Going Commando Once In Awhile (Or All The Time)

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Ladies: Can I reveal a secret, I don’t put on underwear. Like, ever. If it’s not that month’s end and I’m in a flowing skirt (and yes, I have learned this through an extremely windy day).

A large part of it is because I love to lounge around in boxers when I’m at home, as a freelance writer and there’s no need to wear clingy clothing and pants. The other aspect in it’s that I don’t like wearing underwear. I’m not a fan of the visible lines of a panty (VPLs) and the wedgies, the odd bumps created by elastic waistbands, or the requirement to have separate gentle cycles during laundry day. The women’s underwear is completely underrated.

I quit wearing underwear 10 years ago when I realized they would not be comfortable. And I’m yet to get back. It turns out that science suggests I may be right about my embargo on wearing underwear.

Here are 8 benefits of going commando once in awhile:

1. Commando training won’t cause infection

It turns out that your mother was right about this issue. There aren’t any scientific studies to prove that participating in a commando exercise can cause an infection such as yeast or bacterial vaginosis infection According to Dr. Jillian Jean, Planned Parenthood New York City’s associate Director of training and clinical research. In reality, if you are suffering from an infection, it’s best to let things air out, according to Jean. Make use of your common wisdom.

If you’re worried about not having a layer of clothing between your female parts and the dirty bench do not be. So long as the garment you’re wearing is sufficiently thick to prevent the spread of bacteria on your seat at the gym, [performing commando] is clean as per the doctor. Raquel Dardik, a Gynecologist at NYU Langone Medical Center. The way to go is panty-free. method to go.

2. A commando exercise can protect against infection

If you thought that thongs are secure, the doctor I know. David Elmer says that they actually attract bacteria straight from the backside towards your urinary tract and vagina. Thongs tend to be snug fitting and can slide around while exercising, according to Dr. David Bank, another specialist. All the friction and heat could result in UTIs (urinary tract infections) and vaginal bacterial infections regardless of the material.

Dr. Bank isn’t the only person who believes this Dr. Alyssa Dweck, co-author of “V Is For Vagina” recommends that you ditch your underwear could help keep infections at bay particularly if you’re susceptible to vaginitis or yeast infections. If the area is covered constantly, especially by a material that’s not water-wicking or absorbent, it will collect. Dweck believes that it’s the perfect place to breed yeast or bacteria.

3. It will be easier to feel less stressed on the inside

Because underwear is so close to your skin, it might be more susceptible to irritation by washing detergents and itchy G-string fabric and untimely chafing even from something as easy as walking. If your underwear gathers in strange places, you might be left with ugly bumps or marks on your bed. If you don’t wear underwear, there’s no reason to fret about these issues. From my personal experience, Yoga pants and jeans do not cause me to be uncomfortable.

4. You can put on super tight jeans as well as dresses

Have you observed that stars on the red carpet do not wear a single line of underwear in their designer gowns? It’s because wearing a commando dress is a classic Hollywood method, specifically for events with a lot of stars like the Oscars. So, if you’re heading to a celebration and you are ready to wear an enviable look get inspired by the celebrities so that you can leave the bikini shorts at home. You might even think about removing your bra first however, that’s not the point.

5. You’ll save money.

You can stop waiting for those buy-three-get-one-free sales, now. Underwear isn’t cheap It can cost anywhere between $5 and $20 for a set of cheap shorts with lace (hello you, that itching) up to $200 of matching underwear that you will only wear only once. If you think about it is quite amazing how much a tiny piece of fabric could cost a consumer. If your weight changes either way in the range of five pounds you’re dead. If you can, keep the money and put it on something that people will be able to see, such as sneakers, jeans, or fuel for your bras.

6. Your clothes will fit better.

This post is for all the slim jeans lovers out there. When you consider how thin your underwear may be, it certainly is like a heavy overcoat when you’re trying to tie on your favorite jeans but they aren’t moving. When you remove your underwear you’ll immediately notice how larger your clothes will appear to be.

7. You’ll feel more confident.

It’s true that this hasn’t been the case for me for a while because the novelty of wearing no underwear has faded after about a decade. However, I can remember at the beginning the amount of confidence it brought to me. I was a bit rebellious about finding another method to get away from social conventions as well as euphoric by my newfound ease in my dress code. Did you ever realize that that you could do errands without having to carry the bulky bag and phone every time? It’s similar to this.

8. You’ll enjoy a more sexually satisfying life

If you’ve ever told someone you weren’t wearing underwear when out for a night out, you’ll be aware of the issue. If not, you’re likely to be in for an exciting surprise. I guarantee you that’s all your boyfriend is thinking of for the remainder of the meal. It is likely that it’ll bring up some interesting conversations. If you do return home, you’ll only have one layer to remove. It’s enough to say.

Don’t be afraid to go for it:

I can remember the first time I went out without wearing underwear. I was sure that everyone could detect. I was afraid I was frightened, vulnerable, and confident that at any time someone would reveal me with a dramatic show of humiliation in public for my unintentional panty wearing. She’s not wearing underpants! An onlooker who was stunned would shout and the people around me would exhale.

Luckily, it didn’t happen. In all the years I can say that one thing is certain nobody can tell that you didn’t wear the underwear, pinky promise. It’s a great hidden message between you and your pants since you’re the only person who will ever pay attention to. Have fun with your newfound freedom, ladies! You are welcome.


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