You are currently viewing Natural Recipe 5,000 Years Old Will Cure Your Lung Disease, Impotence, High Blood Pressure, Rheumatism, Gastritis

Natural Recipe 5,000 Years Old Will Cure Your Lung Disease, Impotence, High Blood Pressure, Rheumatism, Gastritis

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This ancient Buddhist recipe is remarkably beneficial for your health and well being. It was found in a Tibetan monastery and it is believed to be more than 5000 years old. However, due to its amazing and powerful properties, this particular remedy should be used only once in 5 years.

The main ingredient is the powerful garlic. However, you will barely even notice its flavor. Since the remedy is clearly produced with high-quality natural ingredients and well-rounded flavors and pleasing aromas.

Garlic contains compounds of strong antiseptic and antiviral properties. It’s commonly known that plain garlic has a powerful smell, with even more powerful health benefits. Therefore, it increases antioxidant enzymes in humans, reduces oxidative stress, lowers high blood pressure, treats lung disease, and more.

Here’s the 5000 years old natural recipe:


  • 12.5 oz/ 350 grams garlic
  • 6.7 oz/ 200 ml 95% alcohol or rum

Note* If you prefer using alcohol, use one that doesn’t come with benzalkonium chloride or methanol.


At first, peel and mash the garlic, and put it in a glass jar. Then, pour over the alcohol of your choice, close the jar, and let it stand in the fridge for 10 days. The mixture may change its color.

After 10 days strain the liquid and pour the mixture back into the bottle. Now, again store it in the fridge and let it stay for 2 more days. Lastly, pour the mixture in some sort of container or dropper.


This healing mixture will be sufficient for 12 days. You need to put 1 drop in a glass of water before breakfast, 1 drop before lunch, and 2 or 3 before dinner.

Health benefits of the amazing natural recipe:

This amazing drink is very powerful and helps in the treatment of hypertension, arthritis, lung disease, hemorrhoids, impotence, rheumatism, stomach ulcers, atherosclerosis, sinusitis, gastritis, and external and internal tumors.

In addition, it promotes weight loss, improves hearing, vision, and boosts the metabolism.



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