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Honey & Onions – The Most Efficient Cough Remedy That Acts Instantly

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Many types of research have confirmed that honey and onions provide the most efficient cough remedy. Besides, the mixture of honey and onions is an ancient natural remedy that has been used for centuries.

The honey is extremely effective in soothing a cough than every other medicine. As far as the onion it’s known to be the most common and inexpensive ingredient that everyone keep in their houses.

In fact, these natural healing ingredients are easily accessible and can be found throughout the entire year. Plus, they don’t include any dangerous chemicals, toxins, or preservatives which may lead to further health complications.

Both ingredients have amazing antibiotic and expectorant properties that prevent the cough from getting any worst. Further, they have the power to strengthen the immune system and guard your body against many viruses, bacteria that cause respiratory problems.

Moreover, its ingredients don’t have any side effects and are perfectly safe even for children.

Here’s how to make the efficient cough remedy that acts instantly:


  • 2-3 tablespoons of pure natural honey
  • 1 medium-sized onion


At first, you should peel the onion and cut it down with a sharp knife, but not to the bottom. Next, put the onion in a deep kitchen bowl and pour the honey over it. Afterward, cover the bowl with a salver and leave at room temperature to stay overnight.

The next morning, strain the syrup through a strainer and take 1 spoon every 2 hours or even more frequently. On the other hand, you can also dilute the remedy in a glass of water and drink it that way. Nevertheless, the prepared amount should be sufficient for a whole day.

This natural remedy works as a real calming agent. Immediately after the consumption, you will start breathing much easier, stop coughing, and boost your overall health.

Additionally, this treatment it’s known to be extremely effective for fever, common cold, allergies, etc.



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